Windows Server 2022 administration

Welcome to the course Microsoft Windows Server 2022- Getting Started. This is the First and the only course give you first hand information on new Windows server 2022 features. Microsoft has recently released the Windows Server 2022.  The two main editions are Standard and Datacenter. While the two editions of Windows Server 2022 offer the same core server features that build on existing Windows Server functionality, there are some differences around how they support Hyper-V virtual machines and how they manage networking and storage.

If you’re building a virtual infrastructure, then you will need to choose Datacenter, as it adds support for unlimited VMs, whereas Standard version only supports two VMs. Datacenter version along with these features supports shielded Hyper-V VMs for enhanced isolation and security, and support for both software-defined networking and storage.

In this course we’ll be talking about how to obtain and install a Windows Server 2022. I’m going to do that in a virtual machine. On the vmware workstation software. We’ll be talking about the security features focus in Windows Server 2022. This is the main focus of the new operating system. We will take a demo of new Windows Server 2022 Domain and see how to join machines to it and what’s new in it. we will also install and explore the latest Windows Admin Center version which does not come out of the box but can easily be installed on the new operating system. and many more features. So lets getting started.

This course is intended for IT professionals who have some experiencing working with Windows Server, and who are looking for a single day course that covers the new features and technologies in Windows Server 2022. This course will help them update their knowledge and skills related to Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022.


Schedule: To Be Announced

Duration: 5 Days

Delivery Format:

  • VILT
  • Face to Face