CompTIA A+ Core 1

CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ certification is earned by passing a set of two exams – created by IT industry professionals – that validate skills needed for entry-level IT jobs. That said, CompTIA A+ is not just about PC repair. CompTIA A+ candidates are better prepared to troubleshoot and problem solve a wider variety of issues, ranging from networking and operating systems to mobile devices and security.

Unlike other certifications, many of which only require covering one domain, CompTIA A+ covers a broader diversity of knowledge required of technicians today, making A+ relevant to many more job roles.

CompTIA’s A+ certification is the most popular IT certification in the world, and the 900 series edition of the A+ certification covers desktop computers, mobile devices, networking, security, and more.

In this course, you’ll learn about the A+ certification and how you can use the training to pass both of your A+ certification exams.


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Duration: 5 Days

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